My water supply

What to expect when we fix a leak

We aim to fix leaks with minimal disruption, if it's likely to affect you we'll tell you:

  • When the work will take place
Just to let you know...Sometimes we have to work at night to avoid disrupting major roads or businesses
  • How long it will take to fix
  • If we need to turn your water off
  • If it will affect local traffic
    We may have to close a road, put traffic lights in place or ask you to park elsewhere for a short time.

The appearance of your water

If we've had to turn the water off you may notice a change to the appearance of your water when you turn your taps on.

Click here if the appearance of your water has changed

Find out about the appearance of your water

If you have any questions while we are carrying out the work, you can either speak to our contract partners on site, or contact us.