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Heavy rainfall can lead to localised flooding, which may affect your property, open spaces or roads. There are several different types of flooding including:

image of sewer and drain flooding surface water flooding highway and road flooding major river flooding

Different organisations are responsible for each type of flooding. Find out who you should contact in the event of a flood.

header image of sewer and drain flooding

undefinedIf you can see sewer debris like toilet paper then this will be a sewer flooding. If it's coming from the public sewer, Anglian Water will be responsible for this, as the provider of your wastewater service and you should report it immediately. 

If the flooding is only affecting your home and is coming from a private drain on yours or your neighbour’s boundary, then you or the owner of the drain will need to arrange the repair. 


header image of surface water floodingimage of cambridgeshire county council logo

 Very high levels of rain can lead to too much water being stored underground, causing the water to rise up above the surface and this can remain for weeks after the rain has stopped.

Contact your local flood authority which will be able to help and provide advice. Your local flood authority is Cambridgeshire County Council.

undefinedheader image of highway and road floodingundefined

If the water is coming from a highway drain (the ones with holes) or a gully in the road; for small roads contact Cambridgeshire County Council and for larger routes, such as motorways and dual carriageways, contact National Highways on 0300 123 5000.

If clean water in the road is coming from a drain with a closed cover, this is a surface water drain and is the responsibility of Anglian Water.

header image of highway and road flooding

header image of major river floodingimage of environment agency logo

High levels of rainwater can cause rivers to burst their banks causing large amounts of flood water and damage.  

Contact the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188, if you are concerned about rising water levels in a river near you or want information about flood warnings.