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An assessed charge can be applied in two situations:

  • For unmetered household premises that do not have a rateable value at 31 March 1990 and where a meter cannot be installed
  • For unmetered household premises where the occupier requests a meter, but cannot be metered – for example, because it is too costly or technically difficult to fit a meter
If your charges are assessed, you will be billed annually. You may use one of our flexible payment options to spread the cost.

Important: This tariff is only available to customers with restricted circumstances. It is not available as an alternative to metering if we decide it would be reasonable and practical to install a meter.

Assessed charges 2023/24

Property type Assessed charge for water per year
Other (including single occupier*) £102.94
Semi-Detached £178.13
Detached £212.81

* Proof of single occupancy will be required i.e. council tax bill.

We can't offer you assessed charges if

  • A meter can be fitted at a reasonable cost
  • You refuse to pay any additional costs for the installation of a meter in an alternative location
  • You refuse to carry out any work needed for the meter to be installed