Proactive inspections

We provide advice and guidance on regulation, carry out inspections of new and existing premises and enforce the regulations by inspecting a range of plumbing installations.

  • In a percentage of new household premises
  • In all new non-household premises/connections
  • Targeted programme based on potential risk in existing premises
  • Reactive inspections
  • Water quality - ad hoc requests to inspect due to water quality problems
  • Customer requests - ad hoc requests for advice and resolution of plumbing problems with old or new systems

Fluid categories

Our team of inspectors reduce the risk of contamination of the public water supply from backflow of any fluid. Fluids are risk categorised from Fluid Category 1 to Fluid Category 5 with the following definitions provided:

  • Fluid category 1: Wholesome (mains) water.
  • Fluid category 2: Fluid 1 whose aesthetic quality is impaired due to a change in its temperature, or presence of substances or organisms causing a change in taste, odour or appearance.
  • Fluid category 3: Fluid represents a slight health hazard because of the concentration of substances of low toxicity, e.g. containing ethylene glycol or common disinfectants.
  • Fluid category 4: Fluid represents a significant health hazard due to the concentration of toxic substances, including any fluid containing chemical, carcinogenic substances or pesticides or environmental organisms of potential health significance.
  • Fluid category 5: Fluid represents serious health hazard due to the concentration of pathogenic organisms, radioactive or very toxic substances, e.g. containing faecal material or other human waste; butchery or other animal waste or pathogens.