Water UK standards

Water UK produces a set of standards that developers and others can expect from water companies in relation to the provision of infrastructure for housing development.

Since July 2015 Water UK has been reporting on levels of services achieved. You can find the reports on Water UK's website. In it you will see our performance data together with performance data for all other water companies in the England and Wales.

Performance reports

Visit the Water UK website

Developer Measure of Experience (D-MeX)

In 2020 a new outcome delivery incentive (ODI) was introduced for water companies called D-MeX.

D-MeX is formed of two parts:

  • A quantitative element which assesses performance against a number of the Water UK metrics noted above and
  • Aqualitative element which assesses how developer customers respond to survey questions relating to the water company performance.

We are still in the first year of D-MeX and we will create a link to view D-MeX performance when this information is published.