Non-Household Customers

Many businesses in England are able to choose which company provides retail services for their water, sewerage and trade effluent, much like you can now in the energy and telecom sector. This is part of a Government initiative called Open Water.

In April 2017, the Retail Market opened for non-household customers in England and Wales, allowing eligible businesses to choose who provides retail services for their water and wastewater. For more information on the Retail Market, check out Open Water’s website.

How can I save water at work? There are several ways you can make water-savings in your workplace, from making your employees more aware of their water use to introducing water-saving measures in the kitchen or canteen. 

Here are a few examples of ways you can save water in your workplace. 

  • Install water efficient devices like a dishwasher where any used cups or utensils can be washed together in one load
  • Change the washers on any dripping taps and install spray taps, push-top taps or taps with infra-red controls to reduce consumption by up to 50%
  • Make sure all hot and cold water pipes and tanks are insulated, especially in unheated areas of the premises

For more tips on how you can save water at work, click here

Claim free water-efficiency devices such as pipe lagging and universal sink plugs through Get Water Fit. 

How do I report an emergency? Leaks can cause damage to your property and can cause flooding and ground movement. If a leak occurs within your property or to the supply pipe from the boundary to your property, it would be your responsibility to get this repaired. We're responsible for the water supply up to the boundary of your property.  

If you need to turn off your water supply quickly in an emergency:

  • Turn off the water supply - turn off your inside stop tap, turn on all cold taps to drain your system and keep an eye on your ceilings in case the water leaks for a while. 
  • Turn off water heating systems
  • Turn off the electrics 
  • Call a professional

If you need help finding a plumber, check out WaterSafe, a dedicated online search facility that brings together thousands of qualified contractors from across the UK. 

If you spot a leak in the road, check our website to see if the incident has been reported or let us know by using our report a leak online tool


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