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Assure tariff application form

Use this application form to apply for the Assure tariff


WaterSure application form

Meter application form

Access Statement

Our Complaints Procedure

We take complaints very seriously, so if you aren't happy with our service we’ll do our best to put things right. This leaflet tells you how to complain and how we deal with your complaint.


Water use in the home

Priority Services Register leaflet

Helping you with your leak repairs

Customer Survey 2018 Terms and Conditions

Our Codes of Practice for Household Customers

This Code of Practice is for household customers and gives information on the services we provide, the terms and conditions on which they are offered and how our customers can find the help and advice they need.


Who's responsible leaflet

Our who's responsible leaflet explains who is responsible for water supply pipes, stops taps, water meters and sewerage and drainage pipes.


Water meter relocation policy

Moving your water meter isn’t standard DIY. This policy tells you what you need to do if you want to move your meter.