The results are in for our 'design a water-saving poster' competition


In June, we asked children to design a poster which encourages people to save water.

The competition was open for children of Cambridge Water’s customers and there was a £30 book voucher up for grabs for the winner. We received many great entries, with all of the posters bursting with creativity and top tips on saving water.

Following our closing date on 24 July 2020, the entries were submitted to our independent customer panel for deliberation. The panel was so impressed with all of the entries that it was unable to select just one poster, so we opened it up to first and second place (though the panel still couldn't pick just one!).

Joint runners-up

Ollie and Abigail, aged 10

Our customer panel was so impressed with the efforts of Ollie and Abigail that it couldn't choose just one runner-up.

The panel thought that Ollie's use of a crying water drop was a very thought-provoking way of presenting the importance of saving water and found the poster to be 'well thought out'. Abigail's use of our very own Captain Efficient in a comic strip was also a hit with the panel who could imagine it appealing to a younger audience (and let's face it, you're never too young to start saving water!).

Well done to both Ollie and Abigail, your £10 book voucher is on its way to you!


"An attractive and well thought-out poster.  The drop of water crying out for us to save him/her draws our attention very successfully.  Each of the ways to save is illustrated simply and I like the speech bubbles as a way of carrying the message."

- Customer panel


"This was enormous fun to read. The drawings are lovely and the dialogue so positive and full of energy.  I can imagine young readers enjoying the cartoon and reading right to the end." 

- Customer panel



Chloe, aged 10

Our customer panel especially liked the use of 'how can I save water?' as a way of promoting water-saving tips, believing it to have a much stronger message than simply asking customers to save water. Well done Chloe for your first-place winning poster! Your £30 book voucher is on its way to you.


"An ideal poster design with a simple pattern that attracts the eye and makes the message easy to understand. ‘How can I save water?’ is a much stronger message than just ’save water’. It is personal and makes me think the poster is something I should read, and its message something I should take notice of. That notion is reinforced by the call for action at the bottom. The four ways to save are put very clearly and the poem in the middle is brilliant. What a great job!"

- Customer panel


Thank you to all of our entrants

A massive 'thank you' to everyone who took part in our competition. We were impressed with all of the entries, so keep an eye out on social media as you may just see yours featured, as we encourage more of our customers to use water wisely. In the meantime, don't forget to check out our education resources for more fun ways to learn about saving water!

Tips to help you save water

Find out how you can save water and the protect the environment

Posted: 7 August 2020