New water charges for 2021-22 announced

Household customers will continue to receive one of the lowest combined water and sewerage bills in England and Wales in 2021/22, as we announce our new water charges.  

Most customers will see an increase of no more than 2.5% for the water they need for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning, with the average charge across all customers amounting to less than 40p per day. Individual charges for customers will vary depending on whether they pay rateable value or have a water meter.

In addition to clean water, the wastewater charges, which we collects on behalf of Anglian Water, will also increase according to their pricing structure. 

“We aim to keep any price increase as low as possible each year and that’s even more important this year with so many people struggling. The increase of no more than 2.5% for 2021 will allow us to continue to improve our network of pipes to prevent leakage and provide support to customers on a low income who are struggling to pay their bills.

“I’d encourage anyone who needs help, to please get in touch with us by phone, on social media or by using our app. We will be able to help them arrange a payment plan, check if they would be eligible for our special tariff or if they’d be better off on a water meter.”

Andy Willicott, Managing Director, Cambridge Water.

The prices for 2021/22 are in line with our five-year business plan submitted to Ofwat in 2018. These plans are developed by every water and sewerage company after extensive consultation with customers. The consultation incorporated the views of 1,000 customers and 82% found the proposed prices acceptable.  

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Posted : 1 February 2021