Cambridge Water signs up to LSBUD

Posted: 3 May 2024

Surveyor on construction siteWe have joined the membership organisation Linesearch before u dig (LSBUD) to help further protect assets in our networks.

LSBUD is a service that developers and anyone involved in services likely to break ground can use to check their works against utility asset maps.

Over 60% of Great Britain’s utility infrastructure is protected by LSBUD. This includes hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground and overhead pipes and cables in electricity, gas, high-pressure fuel, water and fibre optic networks.

Over 3.9 million searches are conducted by LSBUD users each year, helping to increase resilience and safety and reduce the risk of strikes on utility assets.

By joining LSBUD, we can work collaboratively with third parties carrying out work near our assets so that any digs are carried out safely.

Head of Transformation and Change for Cambridge Water and South Staffs Water, Stu Whitfield commented: "Moving our plan provision across to LSBUD will provide our customers with a robust, reliable, and trusted method of accessing our plans, at the same time as they search for gas and electricity plans, along with a host of other asset owners. This will ensure that people working around our assets are well informed of their location before they start work, making our pipes and people safer than ever before.”

To find out more about LSBUD, click here.