Saving water

Why should I save water?

Saving water can have financial and environmental benefits.


Keeps your water bills affordable

If you are on a water meter you only pay for the water you use. Using less water helps keep your bills down.

Reduces energy

Heating water in homes for cooking, washing and cleaning costs you money in energy bills and produces 5% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower charges for everyone

Using less water means we don't need to treat and pump so much water. When we spend less on energy, chemicals and additional reservoirs or borehole, these savings get passed onto you.

Reducing waste

Using less water reduces the amount that has to be treated as waste. Water that goes straight down the drain without being properly used is a waste and is costly to you, the environment and us.

Protects the environment

Taking less water out of the ground, rivers and reservoirs is better for wildlife and the environment.

Helps secure water supplies for the future

Reducing the amount of water you waste now will help secure supplies for your family in the future.

Reduce the chances of water restrictions

Such as hosepipe bans during a drought.