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Why is my water cloudy or milky?

We endeavour to supply all of our customers with high quality water.

Occasionally however, the water can look cloudy or milky white in colour. This is probably because air has got into the water supply.

Be reassured that air is harmless, so the water is completely safe to drink.

Air can get into the supply through a number of ways. It may occur if there’s been a burst water main in your area or if we’ve been carrying out maintenance work. It could also be caused by your internal plumbing.

To check if there is air in your supply, draw off a glass of water and let it stand for a few minutes. The glass should clear from the bottom upwards. This clears because the air bubbles start rising to the surface.

To clear the aeration, simply run your kitchen tap, and then adjust your inside stop tap at the same time.

Do this by slowly opening and closing the stop tap a couple of times to release any trapped air in the internal plumbing.

Advice If your water has been cloudy for more than a day or so and your neighbours are also affected, or if a glass of water clears from the top downwards, please contact us.
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