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Where is my outside stop tap?

Outside stop taps control the main water supply to your property. They tend to be operated by professionals.

We might operate them if there is a leak or a burst water main, or they may be turned off by builders and plumbers. Sometimes in winter when the property is empty we need to operate them to avoid damage if frost causes a leak inside.

You should not rely on your outside stop tap to turn off your water supply in an emergency. You should always use your inside stop tap.


Outside stop taps are generally located just inside the boundary of your property (usually in the footpath).

If your water supply is shared with other properties, which can be the case in most terraced properties or flats, it could be outside your property, or further along the street. If you do use this stop tap, you could also be turning off your neighbours’ water supply.

Outside stop taps will be located under a small metal or black plastic lid in the ground. You may find a polystyrene cover in the box which is to protect your stop tap, or meter if you have one, from frost.


We are responsible for stop taps located just inside the boundary of a property.

If there is a problem

Click here to report your stop tap if it isn’t working, or if there is a leak

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