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How much does the service connection cost?

You'll need to provide details of all of the plots that you require a service connection for in your application. Our policy is to meter all new properties. The cost of new connections are detailed in your quote and will include:

  • Laying our part of the service pipe, including the installation of the stop tap and meter (Company lay)
  • Meter fit (Self lay)
  • Sewerage infrastructure charge

Infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges are payable in addition to connection charges. They are payable whenever a new or additional supply is required and this helps us to pay for the costs of adapting our network to meet the demands of new developments.

A standard infrastructure charge will apply to each property or part of a building which is occupied as a separate dwelling (including flats). The level of infrastructure charges that are applicable will depend on the purpose for which the water is required.

  • Domestic purposes - this means water used for drinking, washing, cooking, central heating and sanitary uses.
  • Non-domestic purposes - this covers all other uses, for example, processing, manufacturing, agriculture and irrigation.
  • For multi-occupancy developments like hotels, community housing, nursing homes, sheltered accommodation and retail premises a charge will be based on the number of water fittings to be installed.

We may make an allowance for previous properties on new developments. It would be helpful if you let us know the previous use of the site and whether any water connections existed on the site prior to development.

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