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How can I spot a leak?

Checking for leaks is something everyone should do regularly.

Tell-tale signs to help you spot leaks include:

  • Damp patches in or outside the property
  • Lush vegetation in dry periods may be indications of leaking pipes
  • Leaking toilets
  • Leaking overflow systems

Metered customers

If your meter reading or bill is unusually high it may indicate you have a leak. You can use your meter to check if you have a leak on the pipework after the meter:

  • Turn off all taps
  • Find your water meter and take a reading (including the red digits)
  • Do not use any water for a length of time (eg overnight or while you are out for the day).
  • Read the meter again

If the second reading is higher than the first there may be a leak.

If you have a leak on your property you may wish to contact an approved plumber.

Click here for more information about leaks.


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