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How can I save water?

Get water wise
Follow our advice for saving water around the home, garden and at work.

Get smart with a water meter

There are a number of benefits to switching to a meter:

  • It’s usually free to have fitted
  • Metered prices are lower than unmetered prices
  • People with a meter tend to use less water
  • Using less water means lower water bills and lower energy bills for heating water
  • Using less water is helpful to the environment
  • Special tariffs if you’re on a low income
  • Help spot leaks on your property

If you do find your charges are higher, you have a year to change back to rateable value. We won't base your bills on the meter any more but it will remain in place at your property.

Click here for more advice on switching to a water meter

Request free water saving devices
Save up to £100 a year on your water bill with our free water efficiency devices

Look out for leaks
Damp patches in or outside the property, lush vegetation in dry period or running water from overflow pipes or leaking toilets may indicate leaking pipes or faulty plumbing. If you have a water meter a high reading may indicate a leak.

Click her for more advice on finding and fixing leaks

Reduce hot water wastage
The average family emits the equivalent of two transatlantic flights in carbon through their water consumption each year. Cutting down on hot water wastage will help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.

Install water efficient products
If you need a new washing machine, dishwasher or bathroom suite consider buying one that will cut down on your water consumption. Visit our online shop to browse a full range of water efficient products.

Prevent burst water pipes
Make sure all of your pipework and water tanks are adequately lagged. In the freezing weather the number of burst pipes can increase significantly.

Click here for more information on preventing burst water pipes

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