Managing water resources

Groundwater levels leading into the summer are in a good position. Following a wet winter in 2020-21, and despite an exceptionally dry April, rainfall has overall been above average.

June 2021

Our water comes from underground sources reliant on being replenished over the usually wetter winter periods.

Groundwater recharge over the winter period into 2021 has resulted in groundwater levels, at the start of the summer, being above average. As is normal, groundwater levels will recede over the summer, but with groundwater levels at the start of the summer in a good position, we do not expect any issues or restrictions this year.

Particularly in the summer, increase in demand in warm periods mean we will need to abstract more water from the environment, so we ask that our customers use water wisely to protect the environment and available resources.


We continually monitor water resources and work closely with the Environment Agency, other water companies, and large water users, to ensure we can manage our resources effectively in periods of below-normal rainfall.  We also have a Drought Management Plan in place detailing the triggers for any actions we may need to take during extended dry periods, to manage both demand and supply of water to our customers.

Graphic showing water resources

The Cambridge Water area of supply is in a dry region of the UK, with lower annual rainfall than Barcelona.

We always do what we can to conserve supplies and we want to play our part too, so we are committed to reducing leakage levels by 15% by 2025, through investing in our pipes and introducing new technologies.

We encourage our customers to be as water efficient as possible by offering advice, free water-saving devices and the option of free water meters to be fitted, where possible.

We particularly ask customers to think about water efficiency during the summer periods, when they typically spend more time in the garden and enjoy outdoor leisure activities using water.

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