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Introducing the SPRING 2 Environmental Protection Scheme

SPRING into action

SPRING 2 is a new Environmental Protection Scheme set up by South Staffs and Cambridge Water to help farmers explore catchment friendly land management.

Under the scheme, farmers in the priority catchments (see below for further details) will be able to apply for a grant of up to £10,000 per farm – towards the costs of voluntary on-farm infrastructural improvements and land management options designed to protect the environment and improve water quality.

We are currently working in the following catchments and areas, farmers within these catchments are eligible to apply for a SPRING2 grant:

  • Cambridge Sources (includes several catchments covering the Babraham, Fleam Dyke, Fulbourn, Linton and Sawston catchments)
  • Euston and Brettenham catchment
  • Fowlmere catchment

Examples of improvements which might qualify for a grant are shown in the following table:

Field Option Cost
Arable reversion into grassland  £310/ha
Catch crops/cover crops variable
Flower rich margins   £545/ha
Wild bird seed mixture £580/ha

How you can get involved

To register your interest in the scheme, please contact the catchment team for further information.

How to apply

Download the application form

For more details please contact Jennie Thomas


Tel: 01223 403052 or 07900 270051