Catchment management


We are working closely with Affinity Water on a new pilot project for cover crops called EnTrade.

EnTrade is an online platform for collaboration with farmers and landowners, to help improve our environment. It allows flexibility to farmers and landowners to put in options that work with their system whilst still delivering environmental benefits by using an interactive auction portal. The auction will allow landowners and farmers to bid for cover crop options on their land, with the flexibility to decide what options work with their system.

For the pilot year, the boundary is shown on this map (click to enlarge): 
EnTrade boundary mapThis area covers several Affinity Water catchments and our Lowerfield, Melbourn and Morden Grange catchments – all of which are seeing rising nitrate concentrations.

If you would like more information on EnTrade and the options available to you, please contact Jennie Thomas. If you are outside of the boundary area, please contact us to discuss other options that may be available to you.