Catchment management


We are working closely with Affinity Water on a project for cover crops called EnTrade.

In 2019, working with Affinity Water, we took part in a pilot for the EnTrade reverse auction. EnTrade is an innovative reverse auction, developed by Wessex Water, which looks to develop collaboration between landowners and water companies to encourage the uptake of cover crops.

The pilot auction covered a number of surface water and groundwater catchments across both Affinity Water’s and our own catchment areas. The pilot was a success with an estimated 21,000 kg of nitrogen saved through the introduction of cover crops and, in 2020, 36,000 kg of nitrogen were captured over 800 hectares.

The latest auction will be live from May, increasing the scheme area and the target for nitrogen savings.

More information

Visit EnTrade

Visit the EnTrade website. The cover crop auction runs from May.