Biodiversity and catchment management

Biodiversity and the Catchment approach

We manage our operational sites and land that we own to ensure that habitats are protected and where possible enhance and improve the biodiversity to allow wildlife and plant life to flourish.  We also support and fund projects elsewhere in our area of supply to actively encourage habitat improvements and provide community benefit through our annual PEBBLE fund.  Read more about this by following the link above. Our dedicated employees can often be found volunteering their free time to support these and other conservation projects.

Ranging from restoring chalk rivers and enhancing grasslands to creating new habitat we’re busy creating sustainable environments that support biodiversity. Have a look at our selected Case Studies and say hello to dragonflies, butterflies, newts, marbled white butterflies, whitethroat birds and other species.

Catchment Management

As part of our commitment to providing high-quality water, we are working at the catchment scale to protect the future of raw water quality by influencing land use and reducing chemical applications.  This aims to remove the reliance on the end of pipe treatment and improve the overall water quality and health of the catchments in which we operate.

We are active participants in local catchment partnerships, working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders, and working with landowners and farmers in our priority areas on best practice and catchment improvements