Developer charges for 2018/19

Following consultation with stakeholders, we have published our developer charges which are effective from the 1 April 2018. They can be viewed here.

You can also view our Board assurance statement here.

New connections charging consultation

We’re looking at better ideas for how we charge for new connections on developments, so we’re running a consultation to find out what our customers think. We want to ensure our charges are fair, affordable, transparent and help to ensure we offer a customer-led service and encourage competition where appropriate.

Our consultation covers a range of areas including: new connection charges, requisition charges, infrastructure charges, and variations in costs, transition arrangements and asset payments. Please read our current consultation document for full details.  

As part of the consultation process, we held a Forum event on the 2 November 2017 at our Walsall offices which was attended by 10 customers from across the supply chain.

Your opinions and comments on proposed changes are greatly appreciated and we are open to receiving feedback throughout our consultation process at:

During December 2018 we will be sharing worked up costed examples to allow our customers to evaluate the impact of these proposed new charges on their new development work and provide further feedback.

Consultation timeline overview

The timeline below outlines our charging consultation approach. It highlights the different engagement points we have built in to ensure the views of customers and stakeholders are taken into account before the go live date of the new charges on 1st April 2018.