Taking action on feedback

We use the feedback from our H2Online community members to help shape our plans, alongside the feedback we gain from other engagement activities with customers.

Their voices are making a difference and every month we provide an update to them to summarise the actions we have taken from the recent and past topics they have been discussing. 

Having more customers regularly contributing on the community will help us to understand their different viewpoints and needs in order to make the best possible decisions to improve our service for everyone.

Have you joined H2Online

Here are some examples of how we’ve been taking action, as a result of the feedback received across a range of areas:

We regularly provide our H2Online members with updates, based on the feedback that they have provided. See what our members have to say about our 'you said, we did' updates:

"It is really useful and reassuring to see this feedback shared. It is great to see Cambridge Water cares about their customer’s feedback.”