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What is pollution?Businesses, industry and sometimes households create wastewater that can contain polluting chemicals. If these were allowed to flow into our rivers, the environment would be badly affected. This is called pollution.Many things can pollute rivers and streams, for example, the fertiliser which farmers use to help grow crops. Some of the chemicals can be washed into streams and rivers. Pesticides and weedkillers can seep into supplies deep underground. Oil can be washed into sewers from roads through drains. There may also be chemicals and waste products from factories that make our everyday items as well as detergents from soaps, washing powders and cleaning products.

The River Pollution Act of 1836 made it illegal to put wastewater into rivers and streams without cleaning it first.

Cambridge Water is committed to playing a key role in working hard with farmers and with industry to ensure we look after, and in many cases, improve the environment within our area of supply.