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Right to be charged by meter - All non-household customers have the right to request the installation of a meter. Cambridge Water will supply an estimate for the cost of installation. A request to be charged by meter may be made in writing, by email, by telephone or in person.

Installation charges - There is a charge for installation of a meter at a non-household property. An estimate of the installation cost will be provided after a survey has been carried out.

  • The meter will be fitted internally where practical. If this is not practical the meter can be fitted outside.
  • Where the premises is fed by a service pipe of 15mm or 20mm internal diameter, there is a standard installation charge.
  • Non-household premises fed by a service pipe of 25mm or greater internal diameter are charged by individual estimate.

In the case of non-household customers that are responsible for household premises, Cambridge Water will base its decision on whether or not to charge for a meter installation based on who is responsible for paying the bill. Therefore, if a household customer is responsible for paying their water bill they will not be charged for the meter, however, if a non-household customer is responsible for paying the water bill on behalf of the household customer, installation charges will be incurred.

Guaranteed installation times for meters - If a customer is paying for a meter to be installed, Cambridge Water will survey the property and install the meter within 30 days of payment of the invoice following the survey.

These installation times are part of our Guaranteed Standards Scheme. Full details of this scheme are available in our Code of Practice.

If you fail to attend an agreed appointment, a charge of £20 may be applied to cover the cost of the visit. The charge will be debited to your account.

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I understand that on receipt of this form Cambridge Water will contact me to undertake a survey of the property to determine whether a meter can be fitted. For meters installed free of charge, Cambridge Water guarantees to survey the property and install the meter within 90 days subject to my acceptance of the survey within a reasonable timescale. If Cambridge Water fails to meet this guarantee I will be entitled to claim a compensatory payment under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme, unless the delay was caused by circumstances beyond Cambridge Water's control, for example where there is no access to the property.
I understand that Cambridge Water reserves the right to refuse the request, but only on the grounds that installation is impractical or unreasonably expensive, for example if I have shared services with other customers or where substantial alterations to existing plumbing is needed before a meter can be fitted.
I understand a free meter will be installed provided it will be in one of Cambridge Water's preferred locations. I will be able to confirm the location of the meter when the survey is carried out.
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