Network access code

Competition - Network access code

  • What is the Network Access Code for licensees?
  • The Water Act 2003 established a legal framework for competition for business customers using more than 50 Ml (megalitres) per annum at a single site that is connected to an suppliers' supply system. To assist with this competition framework, we have developed a Network Access Code, based upon a template issued by Ofwat. This details the proposed guidelines and processes a licensee should adopt for use of our supply system and ensures all customers are properly protected.
  • The code seeks to ensure that, as far as possible, access to the supply system is on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.
  • We are required to keep the Access Code under review and it will therefore continue to evolve and be refined over time. The Code provides an indication of the processes that may apply. Actual processes will be drawn up in an Access Agreement which will be devised on case-specific grounds and which may differ from the principles of this Access Code.
  • Comments or questions on the Access Code should be sent to:
  • Philip Saynor, 
    Director of Finance and Regulation,
    South Staffs Water Plc,
    Green Lane,
    WS2 7PD.

Or you can email:

Competition - Indicative network access prices


  • What are Indicative Network Access Prices?
  • The Water Act 2003 opened up new opportunities for competition in the water industry, by setting up a framework for licensed water suppliers to have access to water undertaker's networks, on either a retail or a combined supply basis.
  • Under the provisions of the Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended by the Water Act 2003) and the guidance documents published by Ofwat, undertakers must follow a specific methodology in producing access prices.
  • Here we present indicative access prices for both retail and combined supplies for the period 2014-15 to 2018-19. These indicative prices were produced in October 2014. They follow the methodology and format specified by Ofwat and are intended to give potential licensees a broad indication of likely prices for standard situations. A common contract for wholesale supplies is available for licensees to use. Please visit Ofwat's website for further details.
  • Indicative prices are shown for the following volumes of water used by the customer; 5Ml, 25Ml, 50Ml and 500Ml/year.
  • It is important to note that in any case-specific situation, the assumptions underlying the indicative prices (set out with the prices) may need to be adjusted, which may lead to differences between indicative and case-specific prices arising.