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Outcome 5 - Fair customer bills and fair investor returns

We’re committed to reducing customer bills over the next five years and helping customers who struggle to pay their water bill.

Outcome 5

What you said
You wanted low and stable bills.

Where we are now
We are committed to making sure our bills remain affordable. Our average household bill will fall from £133 (2014/15) to £129 by 2019/20. The actual bill you receive from us may vary depending on your actual circumstances and will also include wastewater charges.

We also provide a lot of support for people with payment difficulties. These range from flexible payment arrangements and special tariffs to water efficiency and metering advice – all of which can be tailored to meet customers’ individual circumstances.

We also work in partnership with organisations such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB), local charities and housing associations to assist customers in debt or with payment difficulties.

What we’re going to do
Keep bills low. On average our bills will not rise above inflation for the next five years.

We’ll also continue to support people with payment difficulties. In addition to our existing activities we’re committed to:

  • Helping a further 30,000 customers who are in debt. We have a range of solutions including the Charitable Trust, Water Direct and WaterSure
  • Develop our strategy on affordability and shape our approach for offering a social tariff for customers that need additional financial support. We expect to launch our social tariff in April 2016.
  • Ensure 90% of our customers think we offer value for money.
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