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Outcome 4 - Operations which are environmentally sustainable

Protecting our environment through increasing our biodiversity commitments, minimising our carbon footprint, reducing leakage and encouraging greater water efficiency.

Outcome 4

What you said
Ensuring we protect our environment is really important to you. In particular you think we should save water by reducing the amount of leaks on our network and encouraging people to be water efficient. You also think it’s important we minimise the impact we have on the environment.

Where we are now

  • We’ve fewer leaks than ever before on our network. In the South Staff’s region we’ve reduced leakage to 70.5Ml/d, compared to our target of 74 Ml/d*
  • We’re committed to a wide and diverse biodiversity plan that will see us enhance our local environment for all to enjoy.

*Ml/d = megalitres a day.

What we’re going to do

  • We want to encourage people to think differently about the water they use. By raising awareness of water efficiency and continuing our metering programme we hope to reduce the amount of water used by each customer from 132 litres a day to 128 litres a day.
  • Pumping water takes a lot of energy. By being careful about where we source our energy and investing in new technology we hope to cut carbon by 5000 tonnes by 2020.
  • We’re also committed to keeping our leakage level at 70.5Ml/d or lower.
  • We’ll continue working with organisations such as The Wildlife Trust to enhance biodiversity on 66 acres of company land.
  • We’ll continue to invite our communities to visit our sites that are open to the public and  promote an active education programme to support school children in growing their knowledge of the water cycle and the environment we live in
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