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Outcome 3 - An excellent customer experience to customers and the community

Providing a quality water supply is a given, but so too is the service that our customers expect from us.

Having been ranked first in the water industry’s league table for the three years to 2013/2014 we remain committed to improving our customer service and exceeding our customers’ expectations. With the introduction of new customer satisfaction measures, we will continue to target a high position in the customer service league table.

Outcome 3

What you said
You want a high level of service that meets your expectations and gives you the option of finding the right answers to any questions you may have.

Where we are now
Delivering a great customer experience remains a top priority. Not only are we committed to being top of our industry; we also know our work in the community is important too.

In 2014, we were once again the top-performing company in the customer service league table published by Ofwat, achieving the highest Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) score of 89 out of 100

We’ve also improved our website to help you self-serve, pay your bills online and find out information about work on our network. We’ve also invested in new technology to help deal more effectively with customer calls.

What we’re going to do
We’re committed to maintaining a high position in the customer service league table. We also want to increase our overall customer satisfaction score from 96% to 98% by 2020. 

We will do this by continuing to listen to our customers to find out what is important to them and acting on their recommendations to improve the service we are able to offer.

Engaging our communities is important to us. That’s why we will deliver at least 400 employee volunteering days within our communities each year, rangiong from helping out with events and delivering education programmes, to biodiversity projects that will enhance the environment.

We’ll also continue to invest in the training and development of all our employees to ensure we deliver a seamless experience, with first time resolution of customer issues where possible.

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