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Meetings & key milestones

Our engagement with our customers, the Customer Challenge Group, Customer Research Task Group and Outcomes Task Group are presented in the timeline.

We have produced CCG Newsletters to keep members up to date with the latest company activity, including customer engagement and PR14.

Customer Challenge Group Meetings

24 April 2012 - First meeting of the CCG

For the first meeting, Cambridge Water invited industry regulators and other stakeholders to discuss our existing customer research and the PR14 timeline. Following this meeting, it was unanimously agreed to form a Customer Challenge Group (CCG) that would oversee and tailor all customer research throughout the course of PR14.

5 July 2012 - Company performance presentation

This meeting was used to present a summary of company performance and provide additional information relating to the recent Streetly flooding incident. We also used this opportunity to discuss the importance of the Cambridge Water acquisition. Core CCG members, the Drinking Water Inspectorate and Environment Agency, were given the opportunity to express their expectations during PR14.

13 September 2012 - Outline of the Draft Water Resources Plan

Cambridge Water welcomed new members to the CCG and reaffirmed the importance of their engagement throughout the PR14 process. Following this, CCWater shared their hopes and possible opportunities that may arise for customers due to their involvement with the CCG. An outline was also provided on the Draft Water Resources Plan.

14 November 2012 - Water Resources Plan workshop

A workshop to give CCG members an insight into how we arrive at our Water Resources Plan. See briefing notes for an outline of topics covered.

Documents provided for the Water Resource Plan workshop in November:

17 December 2012 - Presentation on the economics of leakage

After a lengthy discussion, it was unanimously agreed that we would expand our wider engagement by incorporating faith groups, help agencies and similar organisations that represent our customers. An interactive presentation on the Draft Water Resources Management Plan encouraged members to participate in the discussion and familiarise themselves more with Cambridge Water’s water management plan.

13 February 2013 - Results from the DWRMP focus group

The feedback from the Draft Water Resources Management Plan focus group held in January 2013 was positive, and members agreed their knowledge of leakage and water meters had improved. At this meeting, Natural England also presented on their expectations and role in the CCG and PR14.

11 April 2013 - Introduction to outcomes and incentives

An outline was given on the move towards including outcomes in the Business Plan that reflect the priorities of customers and stakeholders, based upon customer research.

18 June  2013 - Willingness to Pay research results

ICS presented the final results of the research which highlights customer preferences on service levels and priorities.

25 July 2013 - Draft business plan presentation

A presentation on the draft business plan was followed by a discussion on its contents, facilitated by Community Research.

23 September 2013 - First joint meeting of the CCG and Cambridge Water LWF

In September 2013, Cambridge Water's Customer Challenge Group and Cambridge Water's Local Water Forum joined to become one group.

15 November 2013 - Report of draft business plan research findings

Members discussed the results of research that had been carried out on the draft business plan and on customer acceptability of the proposed changes to prices.

26 February 2014 - Revision of the Business Plan

Members reviewed Ofwat feedback on all 18 water companies' business plans and discussed the company’s response to outcome delivery incentives.

28 April 2014 - Benefits to customers of the small company premium

Members discussed the small company premium - and whether it provides customer benefits.

13 June 2014 - Final meeting before business plan re-submission

Members discussed the updated acceptability research and outstanding issues ready for the resubmission of the business plan on 28 June 2014.

Customer Research Task Group Meetings

21 June 2012 - CRTG selects research consultants

Having engaged with the wider CCG, we decided to form the Customer Research Task Group. The purpose of this subgroup is to steer and formulate our customer research. We have given the group license to evaluate tenders and research proposals and help formulate surveys and the development of questionnaires.

27 June 2012 - Overview of the survey

The CRTG was engaged with the formation of the survey methodology and questions of the tracking survey with MVA Consultancy.

31 August 2012 - Results of Customer Service Priorities pilot survey

South Staffs Water decided it was important that the CRTG would benefit from a comprehensive review of the Customer Service Priorities pilot results; therefore MVA Consultancy was invited to present the findings during this meeting.

26 October 2012 - Final results of Customer Service Priorities survey

MVA Consultancy was again invited to discuss the results of the final research. Following a discussion, MVA confirmed they would make amendments to the report based upon feedback received at the meeting.

8 February 2013 - Introduction to Willingness to Pay research

It was agreed to conduct separate research on Willingness to Pay and ICS consultancy was chosen to carry this out. As the Willingness to Pay research commenced in January 2013, we thought it would be best if the CCG was engaged at the earliest possible opportunity. We asked ICS to attend the meeting and discuss some of the service measures which may be of benefit to customers and have subsequently been included in the survey. Following this meeting and feedback from the CRTG, it was decided to include additional environment measures in the Willingness to Pay survey.

13 June 2013 - Willingness to Pay research results

ICS presented the final results of the research and there was a look at how these will help to inform SSW's investment priorities.

20 August 2013 - Teleconference

ICS Consultancy outlined the methodology for the acceptability research pilot study.

22 August 2013 - Teleconference

The group discussed the proposed questionnaire for the acceptability research pilot study.

2 September 2013 - Teleconference

ICS Consultancy presented the results from the acceptability research pilot study.

1 November 2013 - Teleconference

ICS Consultancy presented the results from the acceptability research study and Community Research presented the results from the draft business plan consultation.

CCG Outcomes Task Group Meetings

14 March 2013 - First meeting of the Outcomes Task Group

The Outcomes Task Group was set up by SSW to oversee an outcome based approach to delivery during PR14. In the first meeting SSW reiterated the importance of the task group in ensuring outcomes are monitored and reported on during AMP6, and also of obtaining the views of a wide range of customers and stakeholders.

26 March 2013 - SSW's response to challenges.

In addition to responding to questions raised at OTM meeting on the 14th March, SSW also presented possible measures for the business' five outcomes. The updates terms of reference was agreed at this meeting.

14 November 2013 - Teleconference

The group reviewed the outcomes and measures following feedback from the full Customer Challenge Group and the Board.