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Ensuring customer satisfaction

We have an ongoing commitment to listen to what our household customers think of the service we offer. So, each year we contact a representative sample of people and ask for their views. Throughout the year 2022/23, 77% of our customers told us that they are satisfied with the overall service they receive. You can find out more below about how we plan to improve customers’ satisfaction with our services.

See how 268 customers rated us between June 2022 and March 2023



annual score
annual score
annual score
annual score
annual score
Proportion of customers who are satisfied with our service





What’s happening next?

By looking at all of the feedback that customers give to us -  be it by phone, e-mail, website, social media or by being a member of our H2Online Community - we can identify opportunities to improve the service we offer. 

In addition to our regular customer service surveys, we have also spoken in detail with hundreds of customers to find out how we can improve our service. We focused on how we can offer a better experience when a customer moves home, reports a leak, wants a meter fitted or encounters a water supply issue.

Trust and value for money

In our latest business plan for the five years from 2020 to 2025, we have made promises in two areas that our customers have told us it’s important to deliver on. Many customers told us that as they can’t switch their water supplier, we needed to make sure that we offer them water bills that are value for money. They also need to have a high level of trust in us to deliver the best possible service and do the right things for them and their communities. You can take a look at how we are doing in many of these areas, by taking a look at the other sections of our performance dashboard, which is updated monthly.

As of April 2020, we now have set targets to hit for both of these promises. These targets are agreed by our regulator Ofwat and our performance against them is measured each year through independent customer surveys. Half of the results come from an independent survey that we carry out with around 250 customers each year; the other half are taken from a survey of 150 customers run by the Consumer Council for Water, which is the voice for water customers.

You can see below that we are continuing to fall short of our target for value for money, partly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent cost-of-living crisis, but also because our customers are telling us that the improvements to our service have not kept pace with their expectations. However, we did see our highest score in this period, as we continue to focus on growing awareness of the financial support we have on offer for customers and targeted campaigns to ensure customers are on the right payment plan and those on a meter are given advice and support to help them reduce their water bills. We are also increasingly behind on our trust score target, which is partly down to our customers expecting a greater level of transparency regarding our performance. One of the reasons for this is an increasing lack of trust that people have in companies taking the right actions for customers, communities and the local environment. In particular, water companies must have robust and affordable plans in place to ensure there is enough water to meet demand in the future.

Customer promises 2020/21 annual score 2021/22
annual score
2022/23 annual score Our target for 2022/23
Proportion of customers who agree or strongly agree that their clean water bills are value for money



Average score out of 10 of how much customers trust us 7.99 7.76 7.46 8.20

What’s happening next?

Our current business plan is focused on building trust and making sure our customers think the bills they pay are good value for money. To help achieve this, we are investing more than ever to improve the quality of water, reduce the number of burst mains, reduce leakage from our network of pipes and make sure the experience is good every time you need to contact us. On top of that, by putting in place new ways of working and using new technologies, we can be more efficient and look at ways to improve the resilience of our systems and assets.
We also recognise that some customers who struggle to afford their water bills may need some form of additional help or support – particularly with the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to be felt. We provide a range of schemes to help these customers, tailored to their individual needs. These have continued to grow – with 3,350 customers receiving support through our Assure discounted tariff in 2022/23. We are continuing to look at other ways to help our customers with their bills.

Read more about our plans for the next 5 years.