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Ensuring customer satisfaction

As part of our ongoing commitment to keep listening to how our household customers rate the service we offer, we contact 100 customers each year. The majority of customers tell us that they are satisfied with the overall service we provide and so far in 2019 we are ahead of our target. 

You can find out more about how we plan to keep improving our service, below.

See how our customers rated us between April 2018 and December 2018:


Target (%)
2015/6 annual score (%) 2016/17 annual score (%) 2017/18 annual score (%)

2018/19 annual score year to date (%)

Overall customer satisfaction* 98 97 99 97 99

Source: telephone interviews conducted by an independent agency, Accent Market Research
2018/9: 75 domestic customers, contacted April to December
2017/8: 100 
domestic customers, contacted April to March
2016/7: 103 domestic customers, contacted March to April
2015/6: 301 domestic customers, contacted March to April
*figures show % of customers who rated us: very satisfied/ satisfied / neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the overall level of service offered

Whilst we work hard to keep improving, some customers who have experienced a particular issue with their clean water service told us that we could have done better – particularly around the speed at which we respond to fix leaks in the public highway.


Average customer satisfaction
score (out of 5) -2018/9 score year to date

% of customers who are dissatisfied / very dissatisfied with the service provided - 2018/19 year to date

The reliability of your water supply



Your tap water is safe to drink



The colour and appearance of your tap water



Your water pressure



The taste and smell of your tap water



The hardness/softness of your water



How quickly leaks in the public highway are responded to



Source: telephone interviews with 75 domestic customers, sample base varies by question, 41-50 calls took place during April to December 2018.
Questions asked customers to rate their satisfaction with the service measures on a 1-5 scale (1 - very dissatisfied, 5 - very satisfied).

What’s happening next?

By looking at all of the feedback that customers give to us (phone, e-mail, website, or focus groups), it helps to identify opportunities to improve the services we offer. 

In addition to our regular customer service surveys, we also spoke in detail with hundreds of customers to find out how we can improve our service. We focused mainly on how we can offer a better experience when a customer moves home, reports a leak, wants a meter fitted or encounters a water supply issue.