Planning for the future

Every five years water companies submit a new business plan to the regulator, Ofwat.

It sets out what they hope to achieve in the following five years, and how all the costs involved are to be paid for. This will then form the basis for the amount it charges for water.

Our current business plan runs for the period 2015 to 2020.

What is special about this business plan?

  • We have listened to what you want.

    To help us formulate this business plan, we have carried out extensive research among our customers to find out what they think of the water company now and what services they would like to see provided in the future.

    Our customers tell us they want good value for money, excellent water quality and a high level of customer service. Our business plan will deliver on all of these
  • We have merged with South Staffs Water.

    At the start of this process Cambridge Water operated as an independent company. In April 2013 we officially merged with South Staffs Water. See the press release.

    As part of this process we will be submitting a single business plan to Ofwat which clearly sets out the requirements for both companies.

What is our approach to the business plan?

We want to produce a business plan that accurately reflects the views of our customers, strikes the right balance and stands up to public and professional scrutiny.

To help up do this we have set up a Local Water Forum. The Local Water Forum is an independent group which represents Cambridge Water’s regulators and both household and business customers. It is chaired by Dame Yve Buckland, who is also chair of the Consumer Council for Water.

The Local Water Forum, and its associated sub groups regularly meet to identify the next steps that need to be taken to help Cambridge Water deliver its business plan and to scrutinise and challenge any proposals it has put forward.

Read more about the Local Water Forum

Where we are

On Friday, 27 June 2014, Cambridge Water submitted an update to their 2015-2020 Business Plan and further supporting evidence to the economic regulator, Ofwat.

After receiving guidance and feedback from Ofwat, stakeholders and customers, we've introduced further challenge and provided greater clarity and evidence on our performance commitments to our customers.

An overview of our Business Plan update can be downloaded here

See the timeline and more about where we are

Ofwat’s involvement in our business plan

All of the above activity is being overseen by our regulator, Ofwat.

Some of Ofwat's key messages relating to companies' engaging with customers are:

  • It wishes to see a three-tiered approach that will enable customers to engage with and influence all parts of their companies' business plans
  • Through direct engagement with their water company on issues including local services and tariffs
  • Through challenging the shape of the overall plan and the way the companies meet their legal obligations
  • Through influencing and informing decisions

Please see the link for Ofwat's Customer Engagement Policy.

Find out what is happening at Anglian Water

Anglian Water provides wastewater services to Cambridge Water customers.

It is also asking its customers what they think about the services they provide and the prices they charge. You can find out more by visiting

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