Our future focus

Fluid Thinking: Our Future Focus 

Our vision is to consistently deliver high quality water at great value with excellent service to our customers, communities, employees and wider stakeholders.

The biggest single challenge we face in achieving this vision is ensuring we can do this for future generations, as well as today’s customers, in a sustainable way.

We have to consider the best way to do this whilst not ignoring the significant economic, social and environmental challenges this involves - and that requires a lot of planning. 

In September 2018, we will submit our next five year business plan to our economic regulator, Ofwat. It will lay out what we want to do to ensure our network of pipes, reservoirs, pumping stations and water treatment facilities is fit for the future and how this will be paid for. Ofwat will review the plan to decide what is reasonable for customers to pay for their water supply over those five years.


How are we doing this?

To make sure we get it right, we need to work with everyone who is affected by water use in our region – from big business owners and housing developers to customers in our communities. We want to share our ideas, listen to opinions and ideas, learn from them and form a plan together. 

We believe it’s vital that we listen to the needs and concerns of our customers. That way, we can be sure the commitments and measures we include in our plan truly reflect what’s important to them. 

We’re already working on the plan as outlined in our timeline

PR19 Timeline