Our long term strategy

We’re planning for the future, to ensure we can continue to provide high-quality, reliable services to all our customers. We face some key challenges and we’d like your views on how we manage them over the next 25 years.

Our price limits are set for five-year periods and Ofwat, the economic regulator, will be setting prices for 2015-2020 by the end of 2014. That’s why we are reviewing our long term strategy, to make sure that our five-year plan fits with our longer term direction of travel and that it will help us to manage the many challenges we face.

More information about the challenges we face and our proposals under each outcome can be found below and our long term strategy document can be downloaded here

We discuss these issues with our regulators and customer representatives, as well as undertaking customer research on the key issues. We want to make sure we take account of everyone’s views, however, so we invite you to comment on our proposals by 9 September 2013 – please send your views to mattlewis@south-staffs-water.co.uk.

We’d like to understand what you like and dislike about our proposals and where you believe we should consider issues from a different perspective, or propose alternative plans. To help you with your response, below are some of the key issues you may like to offer your views on:

  • Have we identified the key challenges that we face over the next 25 years? If not, what else should we be considering?
  • Do you agree with our proposed strategy of providing the highest possible service at the lowest possible cost? If not, what should we focus on?
  • Do you agree that our five key outcomes will help us to deliver against that strategy? If not, what else should we be considering?
  • Do you agree that we should invest at a steady rate now to protect our assets and service for future generations? If not, what would you like to see?