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To help combat the on-going dry weather Cambridge Water is offering its customers free foam lagging to wrap up their water pipes this winter.

A dry autumn has followed exceptionally low rainfall levels in the spring, meaning the area Cambridge Water supplies continues to be in drought.

Wet weather is now needed this winter to fill up the underground water reserves from which Cambridge Water supply their customers.

Stephen Kay, managing director of Cambridge Water, explained: “At Cambridge Water we are in a fortunate position in that 97% of our water is drawn from boreholes drilled down into chalk aquifers. This means it takes much longer for spells of dry weather to have a negative impact on our water supply.

“Having said that we are not being complacent - the more we can do now to conserve our water supply, the greater the chance we have of avoiding potential water restrictions in the future.”

Mr Kay added: “Every year we are called out to customers whose water pipes have frozen and then burst, particularly if a property has been left unheated. This can be really miserable and expensive for customers and lead to thousands of litres of water being unnecessarily wasted. 

“Wrapping up exposed pipework now, before the cold weather really sets in means we should be able to help to reduce the amount of water pipes that freeze and subsequently burst this winter.” 

To help customers protect their water supply, Cambridge Water has teamed up with the Cambridge branch of Homebase to offer free foam lagging. All customers have to do is go into the store on Newmarket Road, leave their name and address and collect their free 5m foam pack.*

Mr Kay added: “At Cambridge Water we have always actively encouraged our customers to be water efficient. To date they have responded magnificently. Over 64% of our billed households are now metered, together with 91% of our commercial customers. Many have also chosen to use water efficient devices, such as Hippos and ShowerSaves that we give away free on request.

“We hope that by encouraging our customers to wrap up their water pipes for winter we will help prevent further water being unnecessarily wasted during this period of low rainfall.”


*Pack contains five one metre strips of 22mm foam lagging. One per customer only. Subject to availability. For more details visit the Wrap up for Winter pages at

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