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Cambridge Water is asking members of the public to become special leak detectives in a bid to help it save more water.

The company is asking people to notify them as soon as they spot a leak along the thousands of kilometers of pipework located within its supply area.

They can either do this by calling the free leak hotline 0800 316 76 76 or by completing the Report a Leak form on its website.

Water supply operations manager, Andy Cuthill explained: “Cambridge Water supplies water through thousands of kilometers of pipes. Laid end to end they would stretch from Land’s End to John O’Groats and back again. Unfortunately leaks can occur along this pipework at any time and are a subject for concern among all water companies.

“While we can’t stop leaks from happening, particularly at this time of year, what we can do is ensure we locate and fix them as soon as possible and this is where we are asking the public for their help.”

In particular the public can help by reporting leaks while they are out and about in the Cambridge Water area. As well as obvious puddles or trickles of water across the road, damp patches on pavements or patches of lush vegetation may indicate a leak is present underground.

Metered household and business customers can also help by taking regular meter readings. Any sharp increase in the amount of water being used could indicate there is a leak on the pipework which needs fixing.

The request for public help is part of an intensive leak management programme, which has already seen a 40 per cent increase in the number of leaks found by the company over the past year.

 During that time the company has invested £2.5m in technology to help it detect leaks and has tripled number of people responsible for helping to find them. By working together with members of the public it hopes to save thousands of litres of water every day.

Mr Cuthill added: “Water is a very precious resource. “The east of England is one of the driest areas of the UK and Cambridge has less rainfall than Barcelona.

“While we have sufficient tong-term water resources to meet demand it is important that we get into the habit of saving water now for the benefit of our environment and for future generations.”

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