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Cambridge Water has confirmed its water levels remain normal despite the hot weather and the driest Spring since 1913! The company currently has no plans to introduce a hosepipe or sprinkler ban, however,water levels and demand for water are being monitored daily and appropriate action will be taken if it is necessary to protect the environment and essential supplies.

As the drought continues Cambridge Water is encouraging customers to use water wisely this summer.

In dry weather the demand for water increases. Turning on the hosepipe for 15 minutes uses the same amount of water as the average household in a day, while a sprinkler can use up to 1000 litres an hour. As well as being wasteful and expensive for customers on a water meter, it can also reduce the amount of available water in the supply network.

Stephen Kay, managing director of Cambridge Water, said: “As more and more people turn on the tap this can have the effect of increasing water use by 20 per cent across our network.

“While we currently have sufficient long-term water resources to meet demand, ensuring a constant supply is readily available during peak times requires careful management.”

Customers can also help by thinking about their water use. On average around a third of the water we consume each day is wasted.

When outside try using a bucket instead of a hosepipe to wash the car and use a watering can instead of a hosepipe or sprinkler on the garden. Water butts are also a good way to save rainwater for use on your plants.

Try not to water established plants in the heat of the day, as most will simply evaporate. It is better to water in the evening or early morning. Water plants at the base thoroughly and infrequently. Roots will then go down in search of the water, making plants stronger. Bark chips or gravel mulches can help to keep the weeds out and the water in.

Simple ways you can save water in the home include turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, shave or wash, which can save up to six litres of water per minute. Installing a Hippo or Hog in your toilet can help save up to 24 litres a day. These simple devices are available free from the Cambridge Water website and can reduce the amount of water you waste every time you flush the toilet.

You could also try taking showers instead of baths and washing vegetables and fruit in a bowl rather than under a running tap.

10 June 2011

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