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Cambridge Water customers are continuing to receive some of the highest levels of service according to a new report published today.

The water company, which serves 300,000 people, achieved an impressive 285 points out of a maximum of 287 in the annual “Service and Delivery Report” compiled by its regulator, Ofwat, rating it one of the top five performing water companies.

The report takes into account the quality of the water supplied, how water is delivered, and levels of customer service. It draws on research from the Environment Agency, the Drinking Water Inspectorate and the consumer watchdog CCWater.

For water quality, customer service, environmental impact and security of the water supply Cambridge Water received a score of 100%. It also received top marks for reducing the number of its written complaints by 15% over the year and was highlighted as being one of the two best performing companies by Ofwat over the five-year reporting period (2005-10).

The company’s previous reputation for high levels of service was only slightly overshadowed by the fact the exceptionally tough winter caused it to marginally miss its annual leakage target of 14 megalitres per day (Ml/d) by just 1.4%.

Stephen Kay, managing director at Cambridge Water, said: “We are disappointed that along with five other water companies, Cambridge Water failed its leakage target, but this has to be put into context.

“The winter of 2009/10 was the coldest and longest for over 30 years. The sheer number of pot holes which appeared in our roads illustrates the effect this had on our water pipes. When the ground freezes the earth expands and then contracts again as it thaws. This causes the pipes to move and, as a result, the number of burst mains was 40% higher between January and March 2010 compared with the long-term average for that quarter.

“Despite this Cambridge Water was able to maintain a consistent water supply to customers at all times and meet its three year rolling leakage target. As a result, Cambridge Water is the only company out of the six whose leakage figures will not be undergoing closer scrutiny from Ofwat over the coming year.”

The company’s leakage target has remained at 14Ml/d since 1997 despite a 9% increase in the length of its water main network to 2314km and an 8% increase in population.

Mr Kay is confident the company’s recent £2million investment in District Metering Areas (DMAs) which allow it to detect leaks more rapidly, combined with the fact it has doubled the workforce engaged in finding and repairing leaks, will assist the company in operating within its leakage target in 2010/11.

Mr Kay added: “Leakage is a subject of concern for all water companies and we would urge anyone who spots one to call our free leak hotline on 0800 3167676 or report it via our website.”

The full Service and Delivery Report can be accessed on the Ofwat website



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