Fulbourn Primary School children learn about water


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School children in Fulbourn are among the first to learn about the water cycle and water conservation under a new community outreach programme organised by the Wilbraham River Protection Society (WRPS).

The programme is being part-funded by Cambridge Water under its Community Life Fund Scheme. The company has provided a £250 grant which will enable to WRPS to educate children about the importance of the river and its environment and how to use water sustainably.

John Smithson, chairman of the WRPS, said: “It is important that children understand where their water comes from and the valuable part it plays in all our lives and we are grateful that Cambridge Water is helping us to share this message among local schoolchildren.”

The WRPS was formed in 1997 after local residents became concerned about the lack of water flow in the spring-fed stream, and the effect this was having on the aquatic environment.

This was partly down to water being abstracted from the chalk aquifer to provide essential drinking water to people living in Cambridge and the surrounding villages.

Mr Smithson added: “While we have a strong desire to protect local flora and fauna which depends on the river, we also understand that the chalk aquifer provides vital water supplies to people living in the Cambridge area.”

Since its launch the WRPS has worked closely with Cambridge Water and the Environment Agency to try and identify a sustainable solution. This has included pumping water from other areas into the chalk aquifer to augment the natural river flow.

Wildlife is beginning to return to the area and there have been sightings of kingfishers, moorhen and wild duck.

Stephen Kay, managing director of Cambridge Water, said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Wilbraham River Protection Society in helping educate young people about the importance of water.

“At Cambridge Water we recognise there is a need to balance human and environmental requirements. While our number one priority is to ensure a constant supply of high quality drinking water we are also keen to work closely with the local community to help conserve the environment and educate people about the need for sustainable solutions. This project is just one example of how working with local communities can benefit everyone involved.”

Every month Cambridge Water makes a grant of up to £250 available to community groups and organisations which operate within the Cambridge Water supply area. The money can be used to fund a wide variety of initiatives, ranging from equipment for sports clubs to toys for playgroups. It can also be used to fund special projects, such as building bat boxes or establishing nature reserves.

If you would like to apply please visit www.cambridge-water.co.uk/customers/community-life-fund

Pic caption: John Smithson (left) and Brian Jackson of Wilbraham River Protection Society are pictured talking to pupils at Fulbourn Primary School.

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