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Cambridge Water customers benefit from some of highest quality drinking water in the country, according to figures released by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

Each year Cambridge Water takes around 25,000 samples of water at treatment works, reservoirs and at homes across the region.

In 2008, 99.98 per cent met the stringent national and European standards covering safety, appearance and taste of drinking water. This compares to a national average of 99.96 per cent.

On a typical day Cambridge Water treats 73 million litres of water at 23 treatment works to make it clean and pleasant to drink. It is then supplied through 2300 km of water mains to 300,000 people.

Stephen Kay, managing director of Cambridge Water, said the results from the DWI showed that Cambridge Water’s tap water is among the safest and cleanest in the country.

He added: “Providing our customers with top quality drinking water is our highest priority and it is important we keep abreast of any issues that may affect its quality.

“As our water is drawn through chalk it is essentially very clean, however, levels of nitrates in Cambridge Water’s supply zone are increasing for a number of reasons.

“The company previously dealt with this issue by blending the water, but by 2014 the nitrate levels are predicted to breach the 50 parts in a million (50 milligrams/litre) that are legally permitted at customers’ taps.

“Blending is no longer a viable option for us, so to address this issue the company plans to invest £8.3m in five nitrate removal plants over the next five years. A further £530,000 will be invested in a catchment management strategy which will look at ways of ensuring less nitrates are leached into the water supply.

“While this may seem like a lot of money, it is only though continued investment in the water supply on schemes like this that allow Cambridge Water customers to enjoy high quality water, while also benefiting from the second lowest water bills in the country.”

The report also showed the company received just 362 customer contacts about water quality. This equates to one contact for every 1000 people, compared to an industry average of 2.5.

Customers can find out more about the water quality in their area by clicking here.

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