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Cambridge Water will confirm that it has bettered its targets for customer service and leakage when it submits its annual report to Ofwat today (July 13) for the year ending 31 March 2012

The water company has achieved all eight of the customer-focused key performance indicators (KPIs) that were set in consultation with the regulator.

Each year Cambridge Water monitors a range of activities where it interacts directly with its customers including answering the telephone and dealing with complaints. In addition the regulator carries out surveys among customers to rate the company’s performance. In 2011/12 it achieved an overall score for all these indicators of 83 out of a maximum of 100, showing a 6% improvement on last year. 

This year also saw the company achieve its lowest ever leakage figure of 12.4 megalitres per day (Ml/d). This is a 13% improvement on its 14.0Ml/d target.

Managing director, Stephen Kay, said: “I am particularly pleased to report the company has performed well in both of these key areas.

“Improving our customer experience is a key focus for the company. Attention to detail means this year we have been able to reduce the number of second level complaints and the amount of calls being abandoned by the customer by 60%. We have also seen a 20% reduction in the overall number of written complaints.”

He said the company’s lowest ever leakage figure showed what could be achieved when the public worked with the water company to save water.

“It is important that we thank the public for their help over the past year. Their commitment to help out in the drought and cut down on the amount of wasted water means more leaks were proactively reported to us. This, combined with our enhanced leak detection programme and investment in the last 20 years, helped the company to avoid imposing a hosepipe ban during the drought.”

Cambridge Water also performed well with the quality of its water achieving a score in excess of 99.9% for the sixth year running. Green lights were also awarded for its security of water supply (100%), greenhouse gas emissions (6.92 ktCO2e against a target of 7.38ktCO2e) and interruptions to the network supply – an average of 11 minutes 11 seconds per property against a target of 30 minutes. The average water bill to household customers was once again the second lowest in England and Wales.

Throughout the year the company invested over £9 million on its water supply infrastructure.   One third of this was spent on new water treatment works to remove nitrates from its underground reserves to ensure that the quality of water continues to comply with all relevant standards. Another third was invested in renewing infrastructure, in particular water mains, where 10km were replaced.  The final third ensured the company could supply all new customers in the area.

Operating profit remained the same as 2011 at just under £7.5m, with the post tax current cost return, the measure used by Ofwat to monitor the company’s financial performance, falling slightly.

Mr Kay explained: “Our ethos of continually investing in our network for the long-term benefit of our customers has meant our company is built on strong foundations.

“During our 159-year history the company has witnessed both financial and environmental changes to the climate in which it operates. This year I believe we have been able to balance the needs of our customers, investors and the environment.”

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