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Cambridge Water has welcomed the recent rainfall, but asked its customers to continue to “Help out in the drought” by voluntarily reducing the amount of water they use.

A spokesman for Cambridge Water said: “As everyone knows there has been a deluge of rain over the past couple of weeks, some of which has resulted in localised flooding.

“The truth is we do not yet know how effective this has been. All of the water Cambridge Water supplies is taken from underground aquifers. We rely on winter rainfall to replenish these aquifers, and this year we have witnessed below average rainfall from October to March. This is in addition to a dry winter in 2010/2011.

“Outside of the winter – spring period rainfall is less likely to infiltrate into the aquifer, as rainfall at this time of year it is quickly consumed by growing vegetation and by evaporation when the sun does come out.  Everywhere you look at the moment trees are bursting into leaf, crops are growing and flowers blooming. This all requires a lot of water and greatly reduces the amount that is left to filter down into the chalk aquifers that we rely on.

“Although water  levels are lower than we would expect at this time of the year, careful management of our resources through leakage and efficiency measures to reduce demands means we have so far been able to avoid announcing the a Temporary Usage Ban (TUB), which began for 20 million people in the East and South East of England on April 5.

“However, in reality we would need lots more rain for boreholes to be at the levels we would expect for the time of year, so we are still urging our customers to voluntarily reduce the amount of water they use to conserve resources over the summer period when rainfall is unlikely to replenish them. The more we can do to save water now, the greater the chance we have of avoiding a Temporary Usage Ban, or hosepipe ban in the future.”

You can find out more about the drought at the following link: http://www.cambridge-water.co.uk/customers/drought-info

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