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Cambridge Water is thanking its customers for their support in the current drought.

Analysis of the data for February and March shows that weekend consumption has dipped greater than water use during the working week, as customers heed the “Help out in the drought” message.

To date, the company has been able to avoid announcing a Temporary Usage Ban (TUB), which will begin for 20 million people in the East and South East of England on Thursday (April 5).

Stephen Kay, managing director for Cambridge Water, said: “The data leads us to believe that people are taking our advice and conserving water use during their leisure time, for example by using a watering can or bucket, instead of a hose to water the plants, wash the car or clean the patio.

“During the working week, however, water usage has not dipped as much, highlighting the potential for even greater water savings.

““The more we can do to raise awareness of the need to save water during these times of low rainfall, the greater the chance we have of avoiding temporary usage bans in the future.

“By looking at our individual water use in the home and making a conscious effort not to waste water there could be even greater savings.”

There are lots of easy ways to save water in the home, without it having a negative impact on your lifestyle, for example you can:

·         Use only a full load in the washing machine or dishwasher

·         Avoid using tap water to rinse out bottles and cans set aside for recycling

·         Save the “cold” water that runs out of your shower or hot tap and use this to water plants

·         Encourage children – and adults – to turn off the tap in between brushing teeth.

·         Install water efficient gadgets available free from the Cambridge Water website.

Now is also a good time to think about how you will manage the drought in your garden. Easy ways to conserve water include:

·         Planting drought tolerant plants – a full list of these are available on our website

·         Installing a water butt

·         Making sure you mulch around the bottom of plants to reduce evaporation

·         Using water retaining crystals or mats in the bottom of flowerpots and hanging baskets.

Cambridge Water believes there is a “medium risk” the lack of rainfall will mean it has to implement a TUB later in the year.  The company last imposed a hosepipe ban in 1991. Since then it has reduced leakage by a third, metered around two thirds of customers and increased its water supply by 10% by commissioning a new source in Thetford.

The fact it draws all of its water from historically reliable boreholes rather than having to rely on surface water reserves also puts it in a geographically fortunate position when it comes to withstanding the effects of the current drought.

For more ideas on how to save water and facts about the drought, visit the Cambridge Water website: www.cambridge-water.co.uk.

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