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Cambridge Water is calling for its customers to help out in the drought.

Stephen Kay, managing director, said there was a medium risk that a Temporary Usage Ban may need to be introduced if rainfall continued at below-average levels, but at the present time, no formal restrictions were necessary.

Like all water companies, Cambridge Water has a statutory drought plan, which highlights triggers that need to be breached to warrant imposing a temporary usage ban.

At the moment, none of these indicators have been exceeded but the lack of rain has reached the point at which the company is asking its customers to reduce their usage voluntarily.

In the home, this can be achieved by adopting simple measures, such as choosing to have a shower instead of a bath, putting a plug in when running water, and turning the tap off in between brushing teeth.

In the garden, Cambridge Water is urging customers to restrict the amount of watering necessary by planting drought-tolerant plants, installing water butts and using mulch or water retaining crystals.

It is also encouraging customers to report leaks, either via its website, or by calling 01223 706050, as soon as they become aware.

Mr Kay added: “The more we can do to raise awareness of the need to save water during these times of low rainfall, the greater the chance all water companies have of avoiding temporary usage bans in the future.”

Mr Kay added: “We are witnessing our driest year since 1921. Rainfall has been very low and the level of water in our bore holes is continuing to fall whereas in a normal year levels would be rising as a result of winter rain.

“However, our efforts to reduce water consumption, such as fixing leaks and encouraging customers to use less water, are delivering tangible results. The net effect is that at present we  have more water available in reserve than we had at the same stage in the previous drought years of 1975/6 and 1991/2.

“Our message to customers is clear. Please “help out in the drought.” Reducing the amount of water that is wasted, either through personal consumption or leakage is crucial to helping us get through this dry period.”

Further information about the drought and the measures customers can take to help out, are available on the Cambridge Water website

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