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Quick thinking Cambridge Water customers are getting a pat on the back for helping the company maintain its leakage performance during the recent cold weather.

Recent temperatures as low as -14°C caused many customer pipes in the area to freeze and burst. This led to the water company witnessing a 20% increase in demand for water in just one day.

A spokesman for the company said: “We put out an urgent call to our customers asking them to identify any leaking pipework they may have on their property.

“We were particularly concerned that during half term week many properties may have been left unattended and leaks would go unnoticed.

“Fortunately, it appears many of these leaks have been identified and dealt with.

“We believe that this, combined with a publicity campaign encouraging customers to wrap up their pipes with foam lagging in advance of the cold weather, has resulted in demand for water returning to almost normal levels within a matter of days.”

“However, we are not being complacent and would urge all customers to check their external pipework. If there are any empty properties or local community buildings nearby and you notice anything please let us know.”  

Every year Cambridge Water invests resources in stemming the flow of leaks. Recent initiatives include installing special district meters located in villages and Cambridge City to assist their rapid detection and ensuring all leaks are inspected within 48 hours of being reported.

Its efforts have paid off with leakage figures for January and February 2012 showing a 20% improvement on the same months in 2011.

“Given the current drought conditions affecting our region, it is particularly important that we work hard to continue to address leakage.

“We would urge anyone who spots a leak to report it to us immediately, either by calling 01223 706050 or completing the form available on the homepage of our website.”

Cambridge Water is responsible for repairing pipes up to the boundary of a property. In some circumstances customers who have a leak on the supply pipe leading up to their property may be eligible for Cambridge Water’s free leak repair scheme. More details of this can be found on the Cambridge Water website. However, this is not an emergency service and does not cover internal leaks. Customers with an internal leak or a leak which requires immediate attention are advised to contact a plumber.

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