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Local Water Forum

The Local Water Forum is an independent group which represents Cambridge Water’s regulators and both household and business customers. Its job will be to scrutinise and challenge proposals Cambridge Water puts forward for its Business Plan for 2015-2020.

The role of the group is to gain an understanding of the challenges facing Cambridge Water, commenting on our investment plans and expressing their views about the issues and priorities.

Specifically, the Local Water Forum will:

  • Shape Cambridge Water’s investment priorities and identify what customers are willing to pay for
  • Tailor its services to customers’ needs and expectations
  • Ensure it improves the transparency of bills, so that customers understand what they pay for and where the money goes
  • Decide what type of customer research to undertake to establish views of customers

The Local Water Forum meets regularly to discuss the plans put forward by Cambridge Water and scrutinises and challenge the proposals it puts forward.

Local Water forum members
Local Water forum meetings

Sub groups

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To help gain customer views and develop the business plan, we have three sub groups:

Customer engagement

This group worked with us to determine, formulate and review the customer research that was carried out to identify our customers’ priorities, their willingness to pay for service improvements and their acceptability of our business plan.

Water Resources

Water resources are a key priority in the Cambridge Region. This task group is working with us to ensure we have sufficient water supplies to meet the demands of future housing groups, without adversely impacting on the environment.


This task group is responsible for helping us identify the outcomes and which associated measures we should achieve to help deliver them.

This is a new concept which replaces the standard regulatory targets set for all water companies.


Local Water Forum Members

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Members of the group include representatives from the Consumer Council for Water, the Environment Agency, the Drinking Water Inspectorate, local councils, and representatives from local businesses, voluntary organisations, community groups, education and research institutions.

Dame Yve Buckland - Chair, Local Water Forum
Chair, Consumer Council for Water

John Bridge - Deputy Chair
Cambridge Chambers of Commerce

Stephen Woolverton - Deputy Chair
Babraham Research Campus

Jacky Atkinson
Drinking Water Inspectorate

Richard Thompson
Environment Agency

Iain Page/ Gemma Cooper
Environment Agency

Richard Franceys
Consumer Council for Water Central and Eastern Committee

Rachel Talbot
Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Caroline Owen


Nigel Borrell
Countryside Properties

Paul Hammett
National Farmers’ Union

Brian Jackson
Wilbraham River Preservation Society

Julie-Anne Hogbin
Anglia Ruskin University

Mark Robinson
Cambridge University Environmental Society

Martin Baker
The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire

Cllr Jean Swanson
Cambridge City Council

Cllr Tim Wotherspoon
South Cambridgeshire District Council

Cllr Mandy Smith
Cambridgeshire County Council

Steve Grebby
Consumer Council for Water

Company representatives

Phil Newland
Managing Director, South Staffs Water

Keith Marshall
Deputy Managing Director, South Staffs Water

Sue Cooper
Executive Assistant, Cambridge Water
Annalise Lister
Customer Communications Manager, Cambridge Water

Rachel Barber
Customer Service Director, South Staffs Water

Local Water forum meetings

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The Local Water Forum is an independent group which represents Cambridge Water’s regulators and both household and business customers. Its job is to scrutinise and challenge proposals Cambridge Water puts forward for its Business Plan for 2015-2020.

The full current timeline for all elements of PR14 will be available here soon.

21 May 2012 – Local Water Forum

At this first meeting of the Local Water Forum members discussed their roles and responsibilities, customer research plans and a draft timeline.

Terms of reference

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12 July 2012 – Local Water Forum

Members discussed the Ofwat Workshop, customer research, assurance reporting and the Drinking Water Inspectors Report.

Customer research PR09
Customer research PR09 3a Appendix C1.01 - Bryt Market Research
Customer research PR09 3b Appendix C1.02 - MVA Customer Research
Notes of the Customer Engagement Workshops for companies and CCG Chairs
Cambridge Water Presentation

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1 October 2012 - Local Water Forum

Members discussed the Consumer Council for Water’s customer engagement workshop water resources, affordability and debt and stakeholders.

Water Resources Planning in England and Wales - briefing note for LWF
Ofwat Publication re Affordability
Cambridge Water WRMP Statement of Needs
Environment Agency presentation
Cambridge Water presentation

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6 February 2013 - Local Water Forum

Members discussed the merger with South Staffs Water, the wastewater assurance report, water resources and Ofwat price settings.

Community Research presentation
Customer Research Draft Exec Summary
WRMP progress updated
Catchment Management
Ofwat price setting methodology
Cambridge Water presentation

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16 May 2013 - Local Water Forum

Members discussed terms of reference, water resources, outcomes, willingness to pay, profits and funding and joint working with South Staffs Water.

Draft Water Resources Management Plan
Environment Agency No Deterioration briefing
Proposed Outcomes
AMP5 Performance
Jonson Cox Lecture 5 March 2013
Cambridge Water presentation

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23 July 2013 - Local Water Forum

Members discussed the interim customer engagement assurance report, the draft business plan, willingness to pay research, the long term strategy and outcomes and measures.

Interim Assurance Report Update
Draft Business Plan
Long term strategy
Outcomes and Measures
Cambridge Water presentation - DBP strategy
Consumer Council for Water presentation - DBP strategy
Consumer Council for Water Tracker Survey
Cost of Capital briefing note
ICS WTP Survey Household results
Metering briefing note

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10 September 2013 - Local Water Forum

Members discussed governance issues arising from the interim assurance report the draft business plan, willingness to pay research and the long term strategy.

B6 Cost of capital and the RCV (FD)
Cost of Capital - Money down the drain, getting a better deal for consumers from the water industry
Cost of Capital briefing note
Cost of Capital for PR14 Methodological considerations
Draft Business Plan - small
Governance issues - Capital Programme Review
National Enviroment Programme (NEP) Presentation
South Staffs - Cambridge PR14 WTP Results Summary
South Staffs Water Long Term Strategy July 13 - consultation version
Water Framework Directive implications paper

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23 September 2013 - Local Water Forum/Customer Challenge Group

Following the merger of Cambridge Water and South Staffs Water it was agreed that from 23 September 2013 onwards members of the Local Water Forum in Cambridge would meet jointly with the Customer Challenge Group in the South Staffs region.  

Independent review
Independent review - Appendix
Outcomes and measures
Merger savings discussion

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15 November 2013 - Customer Challenge Group

Members discussed the results of research that had been carried out on the draft business plan and research on customer acceptability of proposed changes to prices.

Acceptability study results
Acceptability study annexes
Merger savings discussion  
CCG, LWF, customer challenge group, local water forum, PR14, your choice, your ch20ice, your ch2oice

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26 February 2014 - CCG - Revision of the Business Plan

Members reviewed Ofwat feedback on all 18 water companies' business plans and discussed the company’s response to outcome delivery incentives.


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28 April 2014 - CCG - Benefits to customers of the small company premium

Members discussed the small company premium - and whether it provides customer benefits.

Small company premium presentation
Incentives package review presentation
Response to Ofwat's pre-qualifying decisions presentation

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13 June 2014 - CCG - Final meeting before Business Plan re-submission

Members discussed the updated acceptability research and outstanding issues ready for the resubmission of the business plan on June 28th.

PR14 update presentation
Updated acceptability research