Drought plan

Droughts are natural events caused by a serious lack of rain over several months. The East of England was last affected by drought in the spring of 2012.

The decisions water companies make during a drought, such as whether or not to implement a hosepipe ban, are made based on the information contained in their drought plan.

We review our drought plan and publish a revision at least every five years.

Update: 24 November 2017:

We published our updated Draft Drought Plan for public consultation on 11 August 2017 for a period of eight weeks. We have considered all of the representations received and produced a Statement of Response explaining how we have addressed each of the issues raised.  We have made changes to the draft plan as a result and submitted a revised Draft Drought Plan to Defra incorporating these changes.  The Secretary of State will now review the revised draft plan and determine if we can publish a Final Drought Plan.

Statement of Response to Draft Drought Plan 2017 Consultation

Revised Draft Drought Plan 2017

Region Revised Drought Plan Non-Technical Summary

In the meantime, our current drought plan remains in force. For general queries on the drought plans please contact us at drought.consultation@cambridge-water.co.uk

Cambridge Water Drought Plan 2012

Accompanying statement

Statement of response

Printed copies of the plans are available on request