About DiscoverWater

DiscoverWater is a dashboard designed to provide open and honest information for customers about water companies in both England and Wales. You can view the dashboard by visiting

The dashboard currently shows overall figures for all major water only and water and sewerage companies. After December 2016, comparative data, which illustrates individual company performance, will be provided.

A wide range of organisations are involved in the production and delivery of DiscoverWater. These are:-


Data discovery

If you would like to discover more about how water companies are performing overall in England and Wales, you can find an array of facts and figures within the DiscoverWater dashboard.

DiscoverWater brings together in one central hub, and for the very first time, significant information about water companies in both England and Wales. DiscoverWater aims to be clear, simple and factual.

The information within DiscoverWater has been provided and agreed upon by water companies, including Cambridge Water, water regulators, the UK government and the Consumer Council for Water (the water watchdog).

Information used by DiscoverWater is checked and monitored and will be kept up to date so that you can always see the very latest statistics concerning water supply in England and Wales.

For more information, please visit