Company values

What we do

We deliver a consistent supply of high quality water to our existing customers, we plan for the needs of our future customers and we provide a return to our shareholders by taking care of our assets.

How we do it

  • A personal approach

    For customers
    - no talking to machines
    - understand their needs and resolve issues

    For employees
    - one to ones and appraisals
    - reward and recognition based on individual performance
  • Local service delivered by local people
    - use local suppliers where appropriate
    - contribute to the community
    - donations and grants
    - consider all views
  • Empowered and trusted to help our customers
    - keep costs as low as possible
    - make it easy to pay
    - take ownership of customer issues
  • Work together to achieve Company objectives
    - achieve shared KPIs and be a high performing company
    - return to shareholders
    - fulfil our obligations