We face significant challenges in the long-term, including providing reliable, high-quality services in a changing climate and keeping bills affordable in challenging economic times 

Climate - Our climate is changing, with more extremes of weather leading to the potential for flooding and droughts and cold snaps in winter causing burst pipes and leaks.

Increasing population - Our population is growing, so we need to make sure we can continue to provide enough water for all our customers, including future generations.

Environmental challenges - We must manage the environment in a sustainable fashion and protect wildlife and river levels.

Economic factors - We are operating in a tough economic climate. We know that customers are worried about paying bills and, despite our support for customers who have difficulty paying, our debt levels are still rising, although we are working hard to arrest this. We are also facing increases in our costs, for example our power costs have risen dramatically.

Maintaining standards - We need to manage risk sensibly, to ensure our assets are ready and capable of meeting customers’ and communities’ expectations. Many of our assets, such as below-ground pipes, are old and will need to be replaced or improved as part of a continuing programme.