Our business plan 2010-2015

Please note that our new business plan for 2015-2020 has been submitted to Ofwat. For more information, please click here

Cambridge is an area that has been earmarked by the Government for significant future development in terms of housing. Some 32,000 houses are being planned between now and 2016 and this will have an impact on water demand.

At Cambridge Water, we are focused on meeting this increase in demand and are confident that we can keep up our supply to cope easily with the growth. Improved leak detection rates, lower occupancy rates per household, greater efficiency in modern water using appliances like showers and washing up machines all help to maximise the efficient use of water.

In addition, about 62% of our customers have a water meter and typically that helps to reduce usage. All new homes have a meter installed at build stage.

We are therefore confident that we can continue to meet the demands of our growing population and continue to provide the cheapest water in our region as we go forward.

 Strategic Direction Statement

Our Strategic Direction Statement identifies the challenges that will face Cambridge Water over the next 25 years, and in so doing defines today our vision for tomorrow.

Business Plan

The Business Plan describes the key issues facing the company in the period 2010-15 and quantifies the likely impact on customer bills.

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Business Plan 2015-2020

Cambridge Water is in the process of formulating its five year Business Plan for 2015-2020. More information is available here.